The auditorium "L'Ottagono"

Ground floor - The Auditorium L'Ottagono

The Auditorium “L’Ottagono” (285.6 sq. m.; h. 10.9/14.9m; cap. 391) has a sound system with loud-speakers at the sides of the screens and the sides of the entrance hall, piloted by a series of amplifiers equipped with an acoustic processor that carries out corrections on the basis of the number of spectators present. Radio-microphones allow the participation of the public and the translation system with infra-red earphones distributes up to four different languages.The interpreters sit in the two small rooms to the side of the control room on the second floor. The video on the screen is projected by a
high luminosity and contrast video-projector (1024 x 768, 5200 ansi lumen) necessary for the distance and dimensions of the screen (5m base x 3.75m height). There are two plasma monitors (50", 16/9) at the sides of the central screen to help the public with central screen support vision.
A system of 3 cameras, equipped with mixer video, allows video-recording the work and projecting the speaker onto one or all the video screens available in the entrance. Various types of signals can be sent to individual screens (up to 7) (42'', 16/9) located on the various floors of the building.


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